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No Deductibles
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Traditional dental insurance is expensive and lacks real value.
We have a real solution.

80+ Arkansas providers and growing.

Plans start at $18 per month.

Made for Arkansans that value quality, affordable dental care.

Direct Dental Care is not insurance. We can offer a better benefit without being an insurance company. That's the point :)

Pay for what's known.
Save for what's not.
We've taken every measure to reduce unnecessary third-party expenses so we can help provide the same access to quality oral health care at a reasonable and transparent cost. 
On average, Direct Dental Care members save somewhere between 35% and 60% towards the cost of purchasing dental benefits when compared to insurance. 
>> View our cost comparisons
It really doesn't have to be confusing.
We removed the middleman and created a system that promotes a direct relationship between our members and our network providers.
Routine preventive care is included at no additional cost. After that, simplified coverage that doesn't require overpaying for a benefit you rarely use.
>> See how it works

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