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Onboard Employer Company
Option 1: Broker can start the onboarding process by logging into the admin hub. Go to Companies > Add New Company (+) and send for signature to the employer's authorized signer.
Option 2: If the employer is not working with a broker, self-onboarding can be initiated at
Required Email Fields
Financial Email: This email will be used to establish the employer's billing account with our third-party invoicing vendor. Monthly auto-draft via ACH is required unless otherwise approved in advance by Direct Dental Care. In the event of approving this exception, establishing this account is still a requirement for the invoicing process.
HR Email: This email will receive monthly notifications that contain 1) an expected invoice amount based on the current enrollment and 2) a reminder to make any additions, changes, and/or terminations before the 20th.
Admin Users
Go to Profile > Admins > Add (+) to add users that need access to the system. There are two different types: Admins will have read-only access and Super-Admins will have full edit rights.
Add New Employees
Option 1: Add each employee individually by clicking the icon. 
Option 2: Import in bulk by clicking the ellipsis icon and select Import Employee Data. The template for importing the employee census can also be downloaded at this step.
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