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Dental benefits, simplified.
Direct Dental Care offers two plan options, both of which provide routine preventive care covered at 100%. After that, instead of the traditional and confusing process of deductibles, coinsurance, and limits, members have access to a deeply discounted fee schedule. We like to keep it simple.
It's not complicated. We simply built a system around good technology and the absence of an insurance middleman. 
Pay for what's known. Save for what's not.


(no middleman)



Our goal with Direct Dental Care was to design our benefits in a way that was...well, the polar opposite of insurance. The result? Costs went down and covered procedures stayed the same, leaving a benefit that actually works to the advantage our members and our providers.
What makes us different from insurance?

No Deductibles

No Waiting Periods

No Annual Limits

No Health Restrictions

Orthodontics Included

Total Transparency

Insurance companies charge high premiums for dental insurance and place strict rules around utilization in order to maintain big profits.
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