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A system that works to benefit you and your patients, not a third-party insurance company.
For too long, consumers have been misled about the value of dental insurance. Direct Dental Care was built in an effort to enhance practice efficiency and create a system that promotes the real purpose for why consumers purchase dental benefits.
New Monthly Revenue
New Patients
Insurance companies and providers share from the same pool of insurance premiums, which creates conflicting incentives. Our membership plans eliminate the insurance middleman and create a new revenue stream for our primary care dentists. 
We market and sell Direct Dental Care to individuals and employers. Each member designates a primary care dentist, who is paid a share of the monthly membership fees for the total number of members assigned to their practice location(s).
Preventive care for members is covered in the cost of the monthly membership fees and beyond that, they simply get access to a discounted fee schedule. All providers agree to the same fee schedule, putting more of an emphasis on quality.
>> Your patients. Your money.
>> We'll handle the selling!
>> No insurance of any kind, ever.

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It's really that simple, because it can and should be. Providers should not be forced to work within a system of bureaucracy and red tape, just to turn around and be instructed how to do their job as a provider. Direct Dental Care naturally attracts quality-focused providers that believe in the philosophy that a dental benefit can be a great thing for both their patients and their practice. 
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How Providers are Paid
The complicated reimbursement process with insurance companies has created a system that is detrimental to the financial and operational health of a dental practice. We bill the customer for membership fees and remit one payment to each of our network providers every month, regardless of utilization. After that, it's fee-for-service. No reimbursements. It's really that simple.
1) Monthly Membership Fees
Routine preventive care is included in the cost of the membership fees, so 55% is sent directly to the primary care dentists each month, regardless of utilization.
2) Non-Preventive Care
All providers agree to the same fee schedules. Members also agree to the same fee schedules and are required to pay at the time of service for all procedures that aren't included as part of preventive care.
3) Annual Bonus
An additional 10% of membership fees is put to a bonus pool that is paid annually on a prorata basis for non-preventive care utilization. This further rewards production and provides additional compensation to the specialists that don't share in monthly membership fees.
The Direct Dental Care platform is simple and free. Self-onboard and self-service.
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