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Open Enrollment: 236 reasons to drop dental insurance.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Year-to-date, 96% of our members were better off with Direct Dental Care over traditional insurance. This takes into consideration total out-of-pocket expenses including monthly subscription fees (premiums) and all other procedures like crowns, fillings, etc.

That's an average of $236 per year! 💸💸💸


So what's the catch?

There is no really comes down to basic math.

There is a huge gap in the current insurance system between money paid in insurance premiums (your money) and money paid to providers for their services (what you are paying for). So what does that mean? Huge profits for insurance companies or in other words, wasted premium dollars.

With Direct Dental Care you pay a flat monthly membership fee and included with that membership is your preventive care at no additional cost. How often do you see the dentist for your routine cleanings? Twice a year? Once a year? Less than once a year? (no judgement here...I'm a once per year guy 😁) Either way, preventive care is typically "included" as part of your premium and you pay for that regardless of whether you use it or not. With Direct Dental Care you get your choice of two plans:

1️⃣ Basic Plan = 1 routine preventive visit per year + discounted services

2️⃣ Enhanced Plan = 2 routine preventive visit per year + discounted services

In addition to your covered preventive care, everything else is covered at a sizeable discount. Anywhere from 25-60% off a typical dentist's fee for things like extractions, crowns, root canals, dentures, etc. So the traditional hassles and complications of insurance don't exist. Waiting periods, deductibles, copays, annual limits...all gone.

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