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Discount Dental Plans

An affordable discount dental plans that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you have found dental insurance to be too expensive, you’re not alone. That is why we at Direct Dental Care created a new modern plan that is designed to allow individuals and/or families of all sizes to access quality dental care at a reasonable price. We offer discount dental plans that start at just $12 per month. We currently offer two different plans that afford either one or two routine preventive care visits each year, with access to deep discounts on all other services. Orthodontics are also included.

This dental care plan is not insurance. Instead, dentists within the network have agreed to provide services to plan members at a discount. This arrangement is sometimes known as a "flat rate" plan since the costs for each service are set according to a pre-arranged rate sheet. Inmost cases, those on the dental discount plan will pay significantly less than if they had no coverage.

What makes these dental discount plans different from insurance? Likely the most important feature is that routine preventive care is covered 100% in the cost of your monthly fees. No copays or deductibles. Beyond routine preventive care, you simply have access to a discounted fee schedule as opposed to the traditional and confusing process of copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. There is no bureaucracy involved in finding out what is covered and what isn't. Each dentist has a sheet to follow, and can let you know up front what any charges will be. 


We have made finding an in-network dentist a breeze with our "find a dentist" feature located on our website. Simply use this feature to see which dentists are currently active. If you like having
the security of being covered but also like saving money, this plan was made for you. Direct
Dental Care offers the best dental plan in Arkansas, hands down.

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