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Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans lack value - are there other options out there?

Have you ever found yourself shopping for dental insurance and after hours of searching, you still can’t find a plan that makes sense for you and/or your family? Well, you’re actually not alone. With a combination of cost and limitations on typical dental insurance policies, finding an insurance plan can become quite difficult…often leaving individuals and families uninsured. 

The limitations of many dental insurance plans can be just as problematic (if not more problematic) as not having dental insurance at all. For example, some policies make individuals wait a year before allowing them to receive more than just a basic teeth cleaning. Anyone who has experienced a painful toothache before knows it is not realistic to wait 12 months to address a painful toothache — which means individuals will end up paying out of pocket for any dental issues they experience while still having to pay for useless dental insurance.

One way to avoid these problems entirely is by getting a plan that is similar to affordable dental insurance, but actually is not "insurance" in the technical sense. These plans, provided by Direct Dental Care, offer discounts on dental services obtained from in-network providers. There are no delays in benefits and in fact, upon sign-up, benefits are active immediately. And, unlike typical dental insurance, there is no cap on how much work can be done in a benefit year.

The costs of these dental savings plans are also lower than typical dental insurance plans. An individual can be covered starting at $12 per month. Don’t hesitate- reach out to Direct Dental Care to access more affordable dental benefits today.

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