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Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans Offer Alternatives to Dental Insurance

No, dental insurance is not your only option for dental benefits. As a matter of fact, at Direct Dental Care, we offer dental plans that cover the same types of procedures at a fraction of the cost.

Maybe you have individual dental insurance. Maybe you have coverage through your employer. Maybe you don’t have any dental coverage at all. Regardless of your situation, Direct Dental Care offers dental plans that are superior to them all.

While you might get a better price on dental insurance with your employer, chances are you’re still overpaying. The concept of Direct Dental Care is to pay for what’s known and save for what’s not. Sounds ideal, right? So how does it really work?

Routine preventive care is covered at 100% and beyond that, members get access to deeply discounted services on things like crowns, root canals, fillings, etc. Sounds similar to dental
insurance, right? Well, kind of. It has the best of both worlds - lower premiums, preventive care, and coverage for larger procedures if and when you need it. We just carved out the insurance middleman and made the process a lot more efficient.

Discount dental plans offer a superior experience to dental insurance in almost every way. Join us today to begin experiencing those benefits for yourself.

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